Camera Drones




We’re going to explore the world of camera drones. Not the large commercial or production units, but the small scale units that we as consumers would be interested in having. Something to have around the house or office or shop or outside yard.

My first experience into this world of drones; My brother bought a camera drone to use in his mapping business. At the time I lived in the country side with wide open spaces. He set it up on the drive and flew it up to take a picture of our house. I was amazed at the ease of operation and stability of the drone, if you released the controls the drone stopped where it was and hovered motionless. This allowed you to think about your next move before doing it. With sensors to stop it if an object was detected in front of it, and on the bottom to keep it from running into the ground. These features helped to prevent crashes that were inevitable with toy drones.

Long story short, I had to have one! Now the good ones are not cheap if you’re using it as a toy, but not expensive if used as a business tool. With a stable gimble and 4k camera you can take amazing pictures. I bought the DJI Mavic Pro because of its long range, claiming to be 4 miles in ideal conditions.



The three pictures above were taken with the DJI Mavic Pro drone pictured below.







The Mavic Mini is a very capable drone alsoB089Y3ZW19




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