Things For Men

    Airplane Pictures APPLE electronics. Car cigarette lighter replacement.     Beech Lane Pickup Truck Tailgate Ladder Bushnell Red Dot Sight.       Dodge Ram Tailgate Assist Shock Lift Drone-DJI Mavic air 2.        Drone-HS720                                                  E-bike 26″ folding, full suspension                                 E-bike 27.5″ plus full suspension mountain bike      E-bike 20″ step thru.             E-bike 26″ … Read more

Camera Drones

      We’re going to explore the world of camera drones. Not the large commercial or production units, but the small scale units that we as consumers would be interested in having. Something to have around the house or office or shop or outside yard. My first experience into this world of drones; My … Read more

Wealthy Affiliate Review

I enrolled in the free introductory course. Since, it was free I had nothing to lose. It was the best move I ever made, with the wealth of online information and instruction videos. This is my review of the wealthy affiliate course. The beginning  With all the tools and training at Wealthy Affiliate, the support, the … Read more

Ebike Kits

  Ebike store opens A few years ago a new store opened in our hometown of Grand Junction Colorado. The stores name was Colorado Electric bikes. Good people, good store. My wife and I were at a peach festival in Palisade Colorado, Colorado Ebike had a booth at this festival, With their ebikes on display. … Read more


  Men’s Toys Men’s toys can be a broad subject, but for this website we’ll be looking at E-bikes, Drones, and specialty tools. E-bikes We will be looking a 4 different ebikes I have owned or still own. Drones DJI makes a very good drone that we will review, its called the Mavic Pro. Also, … Read more

Hello world!

Hello world, a brief introduction of myself.  My name is Rich or Richard, I started this site to provide useful reviews of the products I use or will use. You’ll get the benefit of my 70 years of experience.